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TAMKO TOPICS 40 / 2018

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English Summary

1. Become a tutor!

2. Council election's nomination of candidates continues

3. Renew your study year sticker now and you'll take part in competition!

4. Tamko goes Tallinn - Still some places left!

5. Blood Donation at TAMK 3 October

6. PIRATE ry's member evening 8 October

7. October's Overall party - Moustache Madness 4 October

1. Become a tutor!

Tamko is looking for enthusiastic students who find interest in guiding new students of TAMK. Tamko is training degree and international tutors. You can choose any tutoring form you like, or you can choose all of them! In addition to this great experience, you will also get study credits from tutoring.

Application periods:

Degree tutoring, 22 October - 15 November 2018

International tutoring, 8 October - 4 November 2018

More info about the tutoring forms you can find from Tamko's website.

2. Council election's nomination of candidates continues

TAMK has over 10 000 students and these students are represented by Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, in short Tamko. The way how Tamko represents the students is decided by its highest decision making body, the council. Council is consisted by a chairperson and 20 representatives, and now you can be one of them! 

All Tamko members who are eligible to vote can stand for a nomination. Council's working language is Finnish. The nomination of candidates starts on Wednesday 12 September at 9.00 and ends on Wednesday 10 October 2018 at 12.00. Every nominee candidate needs to fill out an application form. Applications are available at -website as an e-form and as paper forms at Tamko's office Solu. 

The electoral system used is called as the proportional representation in which multiple candidates are elected through allocations to an electoral list. So find a list that represents you, or if there is none, you can establish a new list. More info about the council elections can be found from

3. Renew your study year sticker now and you'll take part in competition!

Tamko has launched a membership campaign for this Autumn. We're raffling Ticketmaster 100€ gift vouchers among new and continuing Tamko members. So now is a great time to apply for a student card or to get a new sticker for your student card!

New members who have joined Tamko in June 2018 or later and filled out the membership application online and paid multi year membership (Degree students) are eligible to join the raffle. We're raffling two gift vouchers among new members. Also continuing members who have joined Tamko before June 2018 and whose membership is valid on 1 October are eligible to join the raffle. We're raffling three gift vouchers among continuing members. 

Our office is open Mon - Fri at 9am - 4pm. Welcome!

More information about the membership campaign can be found from Tamko's website.

4. Tamko goes Tallinn - Still some places left!

Autumn, darkness and cold weather are coming - now is the time to go south! Come and experience Tallinn's warm atmosphere with Tamko on invigorating mini holiday!

Our journey starts on Monday 15 October and ends on Wednesday 17 October (this is the independent study week which means no lectures at TAMK). 

Tamko's package holiday includes:

  • Buss from Tampere - Helsinki - Tampere (departure from Tampere around 1.45pm). 
  • Boat trip Helsinki - Tallinn and accommodation in 2 person cabin (MS Silja Europa)
  • Hotel night in Tallinn in 2 person room (16 October - 17 October night, breakfast included)
  • Boat trip Tallinn - Helsinki with place on a deck (MS Silja Europe). (Return to Tampere around 7pm). 

Whole price for this trip is just 80€ (for Tamko members, non-members 100€). So gather up your mates and register quickly to this trip! You can register here.

NB. The registration is binding. The trip must be paid before the departure. 

5. Blood Donation at TAMK 3 October

Once again it’s the time to give up some blood when FRC Blood Service comes to TAMK. On Wednesday, 3 October between 11.00 AM and 3.00 PM, come to the main campus (building B next to the dining area) and reach your helping hand! This event is accessible, so you can get to the place with the elevator.

If you’re unsure about your eligibility to donate, you can take an online test here (choose “In English” in the top left corner) and the momentarily blood need you can check here

Bring your ID card with you, because a student card isn’t enough. In order to donate, you’ll also need a Finnish social security number. You can also get a stamp on your Tursaspassi from the event!

6. PIRATE ry's member evening 8 October

Hello to all members of PIRATE ry! Would you be interested in joining our board? Would you like to hear what board members jobs are like? Or are you interested to have a good time in great company? 

All our members are welcome to come spend time and enjoy the sauna at Solu on October 8th starting at 5 pm. We will be offering pizza, warm sauna and beer pong. Do bring your own drinks for sauna and beer pong. 

In the fall meeting on October 23rd, a new board for next year will be selected. So this is a good opportunity to get answers for your questions about being in the board and stop hesitating. 

7. October's Overall party - Moustache Madness 4 October

Haalaribileet is the most legendary student party in Tampere. The party is held every month on the first Thursday after student allowance. Come and join the party in the most sparkling and glamorous night club of the city, Viihdemaailma Ilona! (Verkatehtaankatu 3). 

This time we're getting a head start to Movember as the moustaches are conquering the most legendary student party of Tampere! Copy Hercule Poirot's or Johnny Depp's famous moustache style and get ready for this fun party at Night club Ilona on Thursday 4 October! Enjoy the evening, eventhough the party's date is in October and not in November...

So trim your natural moustaches or craft the evening's most funnies accessory yourself, it doesn't matter, as long as you're joining us! Tickets 3,30€ in advance from, and 5€ from the door. dvance tickets include passage past the regular queue until 11pm. Doors open at 9pm. Dresscorde: with or without overalls. 

A We wish that cloakroom would only be used for coats, not for backbags or bags. 


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