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TAMKO TOPICS 34 / 2018

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English Summary

1. Tamko's Tursajaiset 12 September

2. Tamko's pop up offices at Mediapolis and Music Academy campuses

3. Campus Cafe's breakfast

4. Hiking Travel - paddling, canoeing and kayaking at lake Näsijärvi 

5. Y-Kampus - Young Achievers 20 September

6. Elinor Cook's Pilgrims - International Finnish premiere production at Tampere 16 - 18 August


1. Tamko's Tursajaiset 12 September

Tursajaiset is an annual initiation rite for new students, where your status as a student in TAMK get's it's rightful measures. 

We begin our journey on 12 September at 12.00 as a big parade and together we head to Keskustori where you'll have your rite of passage. From Keskustori the parade heads to the Golden Kingdom of Tursas, where you, recently assigned Tursas, have the opportunity to participate in a checkpoint competition in teams.

The daytime event is free for all the new students, but the pre-sale tickets for the Afterparty in FatLady costs 5€ (7€ for non-members) or 7€ from door. Tickets are later available at Solu, please keep an eye on our Facebook event

PS. If you happen to bring a "juice"bottle of your own, please make it plastic or aluminium one, Thank you!

2. Tamko's pop up offices at Mediapolis and Music Academy campuses

Tamko is having a pop up office at Music Academy's campus lobby area on 11 September at 10am - 2pm and at Mediapolis Campus orange area on Tuesday 18 September at 10am - 2pm. 

Services: guidance, study year stickers, Unipoli Sport fees, overall batches, membership fee payment and membership applications. You can pay by cash or with a card. 

NB! If you've ordered a student card, you can pick it up only from our office (Solu) at  Kuntokatu Main Campus. 

In addition, we're keeping our Kuntokatu Main Campus office open exceptionally on Satuday 1 September at 10am - 2pm. If you're not able to visit us on weekdays, you're welcome to pop by on 1st of September!

3. Campus Cafe's breakfast

Campusravita is starting breakfast service at Campus Cafe. Breakfast is available every day at 9.00. The breakfast consists: coffee, juice, croissant or pie (selection varies) and muesli and yogurt.

The price for students is 3,20€ and for others 3,70€. Welcome!

4. Hiking Travel - paddling, canoeing and kayaking at lake Näsi

Hiking Travel rents canoes, kayaks and paddle boards for you to explore the big open clear waters of Näsijärvi (Lake Näsi). There are also other sports equiment available to rent, for example kick-bikes and nordic walking sticks to get around Kauppi outdoor sports park. 

Our base is located at Kaupinoja (about 1km from TAMK Main campus) where you can find our canoe warehouse and a building called the Bikini Bar. The distance from Tampere city center to our base is approx. 4 kilometres. You can also get close by with a local bus.

More info


5. Y-Kampus - Young Achievers 20 September

Boost your semester and come to Y-Kampus Kauppi to the annual Young Achievers to hear amazing stories from Perttu Pölönen, awarded innovator and MusiClock founder, and Reetta Keränen, the founder and chairperson of educational services provider Sivupersoona. The event is held on 20 September at 12.00 - 15.00 on Y-kampus Kauppi (TAMK main campus). 

After the main event we will have a great afterparty in Y-kampus Kauppi to celebrate our new improved premises: matchmaking, networking, coffee and snacks are the agenda of the evening. 

Read more about the event and the amazing guests from Y-kampus Facebook event

6. Elinor Cook's Pilgrims - International Finnish premiere production at Tampere 16 - 18 August

International Epic Silence Theatre Company presents Elinor Cook's Pilgrim performance at Tampere and Helsinki in August. The performance is a part of Paula Silman's (who is originally from Tampere) theatre production master studies at University of Essex's East 15 drama school.

Will and Dan are mountaineers, conquerors. Rachel is a folklorist who studies a heroine in old English tales. Pilgrims is a triodrama and a description of the Y-generation's unrooteness. The drama dramaturgy of the play gives way to Rachel's pursuit of her own story as the main character. How much should we be ready to sacrifice for love? Do you have to be willing to give up love to gain freedom?

”You just want to stick flags on virgin territory and claim it as your own. God, it’s pretty phallic actually.” – Rachel

”…You want to stop. But you can’t. You have to go higher. Cos the higher you are, the safer you feel…” – Dan

”All my life, you know… I only had to shit and someone would applaud  me.” – Will

Performance is at Tampere Demo theatre (Hämeenpuisto 28, 4th floor. 33200 Tampere) on Thursday 16th August at 7pm, on Friday 17th August at 7pm, Saturday 18th August at 2pm (Finnish subtitles) and at 7pm. Ticket price for students 15€. Estimated performance time 75 min. without interlude. The performance is recommended for over 13-year-olds.

Epic Silence Theatre Company was based on Spring 2018 in London and Tampere. The theatre is an international and free theatre group which aims to create independent and border crossing performances. 


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