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TAMKO TOPICS 32 / 2018

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English summary 32 / 2018

1. Tamko's Autumn 2018 membership campaign

2. Tamko offers free prepaid phone plans for exchange students!

3. Opiskelijan Tampere Syysfest 3 September

4. Unipoli Sport's Autumn season

5. Building a new Tampere3 library - We are unifying library practices


1. Tamko's Autumn 2018 membership campaign

Tamko has launched a membership campaign for this Autumn. We're raffling Ticketmaster 100€ gift vouchers among new and continuing Tamko members. So now is the time to apply for a student card or to get a new sticker for your student card!

New members who have joined Tamko in June 2018 or later and filled out the membership application online and paid multi year membership (Degree students) are eligible to join the raffle. We're raffling two gift vouchers among new members. Also continuing members who have joined Tamko before June 2018 and whose membership is valid on 1 October are eligible to join the raffle. We're raffling three gift vouchers among continuing members. 

More information about the membership campaign can be found from Tamko's website.


2. Tamko offers free prepaid phone plans for exchange students!

Tamko distributes DNA Super Prepaid 4G mobile phone plans for free (1 per person, Autumn 2018) for the first 200 exchange students who have joined Tamko and paid the membership fee. The mobile phone plan must be fetched from Tamko's office. 

DNA Super Prepaid 4G is a ready-to-use mobile phone plan without any flat fees. It includes 7,00€ balance. Receiving phone calls and text messages is free, you only pay for your own use. It is possible to top up the phone plan with unlimited data / phone calls / text messages. The package includes all SIM card sizes: standard, micro and nano SIM. 

NB! DNA Super Prepaid 4G mobile phone plans are distributed for those exchange students who fetch it from Tamko's office. We do not put aside, send or otherwise reserve the mobile phone plans. 

3. Opiskelijan Tampere Syysfest 3 September

What would be better than starting study days in Särkänniemi? OT and Särkänniemi will provide you with this opportunity this year! All the rides are open, so there is a lot of stuff to do for the whole evening. Plus there's a great band, OT will also bring interesting exhibitors from Tampere, so that all the fresmen will get to know what Tampere has to offer for students. 

Tickets are available at Tamko's office Solu now, so be quick and get your 9€ ticket for the best kick-off event, SyysFest! NB! The event is for students only, so in addition to the ticket, the participant needs a valid student card. 


4. Unipoli Sport's Autumn season

Unipoli Sport's Autumn season has started on 1 August. You can make the new season payment at Tamko's office Solu. Unipoli Sport's whole season price (1 August 2018 - 31 July 2019) is 72€ for Tamko members (others 82€). When payed separately: Autumn season for Tamko members 42€ (others 47€), Spring season 46€ (others 51€).

After paying the Unipoli Sport fee, access rights to your own University's sports facilities are loaded automatically onto your student/staff card or access key. Access rights to the other universities must be requested personally from the university in question, before which the use of sports facilities in other universities is not possible. Payment receipt is not needed. Our staff can see the payment from online register. There is, however, a 1-3 days delay in updating of payments to this register so take a payment receipt with you if you wish to pick up access rights immediately after payment. The access rights need to be requested separately for each academic year. 

Unipoli Sport provides high-quality, versatile and equal sports services for university students and personnel in the Tampere region. You can use three campuses' services for just one fee!


5. Building a new Tampere3 library - We are unifying library practices

In the new Tampere 3 community, a one unified library offers versatile services for both TAMK and the university. As a result, the customer service practices of existing libraries will be gradually harmonized beginning Autumn 2018.

The following policies will change at TAMK library 13.8.2018:

• The maximum number of renewals for non-course books increases to 50 times. (The maximum number of renewals course books is still 10 times).

• Loan fines are due immediately after the due date. 

• The loan period of journals will rise to 7 days.

• The returning time of short-term loans is always on the next business day before 10.00.

By unifying customer service practices, we strive to ensure the same high-quality services for all customers in all universities. During the autumn, we all are being gently acquainted with the upcoming changes and we will diligently announce the upcoming reforms and customer service improvements! Have a nice new beginning of the school year wishes the staff of TAMK library!


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