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Tursaspassi Event Checklist

Event checklist 2019–2020


Page 1 - Tamko events

Tamkon Alkumetri

Kick off your study year with style and attend to autumn 2019 Alkumetri!

Tamkon Tursajaiset

Tursajaiset is a fun rite of passage where new students officially become TAMK students. We will start Tursajaiset as a student parade, starting from Main Campus courtyard at noon. You can get the stamp from event place's info desk.

Tamkon illanvietto / Tamko's evening

Do you need overall patch sewing company? Are you master at board games? Tamko's evening is all about having fun, getting to know new people and enjoying alcohol free fun! We'll inform about the upcoming Tamko evening in our social media channels, Tamko Topics newsletter and on campus posters.

Edunvalvontaviikko / The week of promoting students' interests

Who are the people and organizations who take care of your and other students' interests? At the week of promoting students' interest you get to meet the people who are looking after you, for ex. student association, clubs, students' union, SAMOK, trade unions, etc.

Tamko sits

Sits is an academic dinner, held in a pub room or banquet hall. The evening includes various drinking songs, rules and fun time. Come to Tamko sits and get to know this old Scandinavian tradition!

Tamkon Pikkujoulut / Tamko's little Christmas

Live music, peaceful atmosphere... and maybe a little less peaceful atmosphere plus a huge amount of students! Tamko's little Christmas is the master of little X-masses!

Portti Työelämään / Gateway to working life

Gateway to working life brings together students and employers. TAMK's Main Campus fills up with local and national employers from different fields. This three day event is held at Main Campus in January 2020. Come to get your summer job / thesis place / internship or even a tenure! You can get the Tursaspassi stamp from Tamko's info desk.

Tamkon Loppumetri

The end of academic year is always a great excuse to party! Tamko's Loppumetri takes place in April 2020. The exact place and time will be informed later.

Page 2 - Taking part in Tamko activities and student life


Follow Tamko in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Show us that you follow our social media channels and you'll get a stamp to your Tursaspassi from our service desk at Solu.

Blood donation at Tamk

It's time to reach out your helping hand by donating some life elixir at Finnish Red Cross' blood service point in TAMK. We're organizing 1-2 blood donation during the study year at Main Campus, so keep an eye on our newsletter Tamko Topics. Please note that you'll need a Finnish social security number in order to donate.

Get your student overalls

Student overalls is a must have during your study time here at TAMK. It's your armor in student events. Come to our office and show us your fancy overalls and we'll give you a Tursaspassi stamp for that.

Prove your Tamko membership

Show your student card at our office and we'll give you a Tursaspassi stamp.

Enroll for degree tutoring

Degree tutors will help new students at the end of their study year. Enroll for Degree tutoring and book your time for an interview. Show us your Tursaspassi at the interview and we'll give you a Tursaspassi stamp.

Enroll for international tutoring

As an international tutor, you'll get to know TAMK's new international students and to teach them the ways of Finnish student life. Enroll for international tutoring and book your interview. You'll get a Tursaspassi stamp at the interview.

Vote in Council elections

Tamko's Council is the highest decision-making body in Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Remember to use your vote! You can vote electronically or at ballot box. NB! If you're voting electronically, you can get your Tursaspassi stamp from ballot box polling place.

Attend to Tamko's autumn meeting

Autumn meeting is the most exciting meeting at Students' Union. This is the moment when candidates for Tamko Board are interviewed, new student representatives are being selected to different organs of TAMK and the budget for the upcoming year accepted. Freshly selected members of Council are voting for new Tamko board members.

Take part in Council meeting

Tamko's Council meetings are open for every member of Tamko. Different matters of Students' Union and TAMK are being discussed in the meeting. We'll  inform about the new meetings in Tamko Topics. You can get your Tursaspassi stamp from the Council's chairperson.


Page 3 - NoHo Partners - Tamko's cooperation partner's delectations

Part at Brick's legendary cellar

Bricks is an atmospheric cellar club, known for its all night parties! Get your stamp from Brick's cloakroom

Play a board game at Café Europa

Café Europa offers various board games for every taste. Gather your friends, enjoy the game and get a new stamp to your Tursaspassi!

Lunch at Hanko Sushi

Fancy a sushi? How about a bowl of sushi? Experience what Hanko Sushi has to offer!

Take a selfie with Yoda at Roska

Take a selfie with you and Yoda and show the picture at the bar. The bartender will give you the stamp.

Download -app and register as a customer

1. -app has to be downloaded to your phone. Follow the instructions in

2. Log in with your phone number and password or register as a customer

3. Open "Modify account" from the upper right corner

4. Click on "enter campaign code"

5. Write "TAMKO19" to the opening field

After you've done all this, open the app again so that your student's discount card will be updated. You can get your stamp by showing your discount card at Solu's service desk.

Enjoy a special brewed beer at Ruby & Fellas

Ruby and the Fellas - Irish Pub & Kitchen is situated right by the Tammerkoski river. This great restaurant offers tasty pub food and wide selection of drinks. You can get your stamp from the bar when you order a special brewed beer.

Go Space Bowling

Cool space themed Space Bowling and Billiards is situated at Hämeenkatu 23, 3rd floor.

Eat at Sticky Wingers

Sticky Winger is one of the best chicken wing restaurants in Tampere! Gobble up a portion and get your stamp!

Visit Venue FL's Sikatiistai

Rähinä Records has dominated nightlife in Tampere with its Sikatiistai. Full house, cheap prices and skillful disk jockeys guarantee the best party on Tuesday night! You can get the stamp from the bar on Tuesdays.

Page 4 - Student associations

MusTa ry: Listen to TAMK's Music orchestra or theatre performance

Enjoy beautiful music theatre performance by TAMK's music students'! You'll get the stamp from the event.

Pirate ry - Pakoputki

Pakoputki is organized by TAMK's health students - PIRATE ry. The event is held once a year, after the new year. Students will get in buses and visit bars and clubs. There's limited amount of space so keep an eye on for their announcements!

SOPU ry - Take part in SOPU ry's Nose Day fundraising

Social service students of Tampere - SOPU ry is organizing charity events all year around, i.a. Nose Day Fundraising. Keep and eye on their website for the upcoming Nose Day event.

TAMPIO ry - Pimpla

Pimpla is an ice fishing event held at Kaupinoja sauna!

Take part in an affiliate meeting

Take part in one of these Tamko's student association or clubs' open meeting and ask a stamp from the chairperson. You can take part in: HAPPO ry (members only), PIRATE ry (members only), MusTa ry, SOPU ry, TARINA ry, TaRe ry, TIRO ry (members only), Tatek and SOURCE ry.

TARINA ry - Filkkaribileet

Tampere Film Festival also means that it's also time for one of the best parties of the year by TARINA! Come and get your stamp and enjoy party at Tampere Film Festival.

TaRe ry: Hakamettän Haalarilöylyt

Haalarilöylyt (Overall steam) is a student event at Hakametsä Ice Hockey stadion where student teams are performing different checkpoints and enjoying a hockey game after.

TIRO ry - T-Itse labra

Pub crawl which is held around Teiskontie - Itsenäisyydenkatu at spring time 2020.

TTO ry: Kalevan K*nni Kierros

Pub crawl at Kaleva area.

Page 5 - Clubs

Antura - Kaamoksentorjunta

Come and fight against polar night and cold by enjoying good company. This yearly event is organized again in spring 2020.

BioKe - Participate in Bioke's event

Bioanalytics students organize many events during study year!

Bubiklubi's Bubivisa

Bubiklubi's pub quiz is held regularly. Unfortunately, it's hold in Finnish, so take a pal who can translate with you!

Participate in an event by Tamko's club

Clubs are informing about their events on their channels. Follow your favourite club for ex. in Facebook or Instagram, so you know what's happening!

Participate in CLINT's event

CLINT organizes international student events all year around, especially for exchange students but also for people who are interested in internationality.

HAPPO ry - Talvirieha

HAPPO's winter madness is organized every year in February. Event includes all kinds of winter fun: sledding, traditional Finnish outdoor game resembling skittles and grilling.

Konekerho ry - Kaljamölkky

Konekerho plays traditional Finnish outdoor game and drinks beer, how simple and fun. Come and join!

Page 6 - Clubs


Sopu, TaRe and Konekerho are co-organizing this fun checkpoint event in the heart of Tampere city center. Gather a group of 4 and join the fun!


Tampere Business Administration Students TTO ry, Tampere Engineering Students TIRO ry and Tampere health students PIRATE co-organize a huge party every month in Social Club Tampere (Kirkkokatu 10).

Source ry - TiTeLAN

TiTeLAN is an online gaming event organized by TAMK's ICT students. If you're a friend of PC games, trust me, you don't wanna miss this.

Syntaksi ry - Anime and board games evening

Interested in Japanese Anime and board games? Wanna find some soul mates? Data processing students' club SYNTAKSI ry organizes anime evening all year around. Follow us and join the evening.

Clubs and student association day

Tamko organizes clubs and student association day in TAMK Main Campus lobby. Come and get to know all TAMK's clubs and student associations!

Tarkan pullonpyöritys

Tarkka's bottle spinning is a thing you don't wanna miss! Follow their social media channels for more info.

TASO ry - SoTaKone sitsit

Traditional sits organized by information, electrician and mechanical engineering students' student associations.

A play by Teatterikerho Ääriraja

Come and see Ääriraja's most recent spectacle and have a stamp to your Tursaspassi.

Tolu ry - Participate in Tolu's event

Tolu organizes all kinds of sport events, like excursions and picnics throughout the school year. Follow their Facebook to keep in track on their schedule!

Page 7 - Student life and cooperation partners

Visit Main Campus library

Have a stamp to your Tursaspassi on library's customer service desk.

Visit Mediapolis' campus

Have a stamp to your Tursaspassi on Mediapolis' campus info desk.

Participate in TREY's wappu event

1st of May is a big thing for Finnish students. Visit TREY's wappu calendar to see the events.

Opiskelijan Tampereen Syysfest

Have fun at Särkänniemi amusement park! This event is organized every year at the beginning of study year. This time on 3rd of September!

Visit SportUni's TAMK campus gym

Do some sports and have a stamp on your Tursaspassi!

Have a drink at TAMK's Bar Studio

TAMK's hospitality management students have a bar at Main Campus where they offer delicious treats and drinks.

Play at video game bar Save File

Bar full of video games! Try out party games or have a scare in the middle of horror games.

Visit the Virtual Entertainment Center Portaali

Are you familiar with Virtual Reality? Whether you're or not, this is a great place to have fun in Virtual Reality world! We guarantee you won't be bored!

Page 8 - Student life and cooperation partners

Feel Good, Feel Safe

Feel Good, Feel Safe is an event which aims to inform about safety in everyday life, how to take care of your health and wellbeing. The event is held at TAMK's Main Campus.

Buy a study utensil from Campus Shop

Did you know that Campus Shop at Main Campus offers all kinds of student utensils? Buy a study utensil and get a stamp to your Tursaspassi!

Download JAMIX

Download Campusravita's JAMIX application, so that you know what your lunch consists! Show the app on member service desk at Tamko office and get your stamp.

Download Pivo mobile student card

Pivo is like the plastic student card, you'll get all the same benefits with it. Show your Pivo mobile student card at Tamko office member service and you'll get a stamp!

(Please note that you need a Finnish bank account for the app).


Bonus 1

We'll inform more about the bonus events on Tamko social media sites. Stay tuned!

Bonus 2

We'll inform more about the bonus events on Tamko social media sites. Stay tuned!

Bonus 3

We'll inform more about the bonus events on Tamko social media sites. Stay tuned!