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Degree Tutoring

Like peer tutors, degree tutors work for students during studies. Degree tutor training is available for foreign students of Degree Programs in English, and the language of trainings is English as well. This tutor training makes it possible to make the most of the knowledge and skills of our foreign students.

Tamko trains degree tutors during springtime. Training includes the same things as peer tutor training, but cultural awareness and what it is to live in Finland as a foreigner have been taken from international tutor training. Degree tutors should be able to tell new students everything worth knowing. Degree tutors take responsibility of a class group of students which they tutor for the first academic year in co-operation with Finnish peer tutors.

Tutors take care that every new student gets along in Tampere University of Applied Sciences right from the first day. Degree tutors are an important factor in making foreign students feel comfortable and start studies in TAMK. Degree tutors familiarize students to TAMK procedures and degree programs, Finland and Finnish culture and student life.

The implementation plan of degree tutoring is the same as that of peer tutoring. It includes taking part of trainings, tutoring students for a year and writing a report of work done. This amounts to three ECTS credits.


Enrollment for Degree tutoring is now open! Click the link and fill out the application form.