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Culture and Leisure Activities

Tamko is involved in different kind of events, both as an organizer and as a partner. The most important thing is, however, to organize as versatile culture and leisure activities as possible. Tamko tries to take everyone into consideration to guarantee that majority of students could attend the events.

Annual Events

Tamko's annual events are the initiation rite "Tursajaiset" in the Autumn for new TAMK students and around the same time the Alkumetri -party kicks off the academic year.

Pikkujoulu, also known as "Little Christmas Party", is held before the Christmas. Loppumetri -party celebrates the end of the academic year. Along the year Tamko also helps arranging a variety of other events, e.g. fields of culture, sports and student welfare.

You can purchase tickets for the most events at Tamko office, where you can also just hang out and for example have a cup of coffee.

Culture activities by Opiskelijan Tampere (Students' Tampere)

Further information:

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